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One of the best temporary hair removal solution

There are many advantages to body waxing, some of which are :

Over time frequent waxing during the beginning stage of hair growth, the follicule wall will collapse and the hair will be thinner and may even stop being produced.

Beauty Ethics insures a superior service to clients at all times. Our qualified esthetician uses the highest quality products available on the market. The BIOLAB body wax collection is made with the finest natural portuguese resin extracts, all while respecting the environment.

To be set apart from the rest BIOLAB body waxes are filtered 5 to 9 times to obtain the perfect texture and elasticity thus reaching the summit of performance.



Waxing - Price Per Area

  Forehead $15
  Brows $12
  Full Ears or Full Nose $10
  Inner Ears $7
  Nostrals $7
  Sideburns $15
  Cheeks $15
  Upper Lip $10
  Chin $10
combos and deals Upper Lip & Chin $15
combos and deals Partial Face
(Brows, Upper Lip, Chin)
combos and deals Full Face
(Brows, Upper Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Sideburns)
combos and deals Men's Half Face
(Brows, Nose, Cheeks)
combos and deals Men's Half Face & Neck $30
  Neck (Front or Back) $15
  Shoulder $15
combos and deals Shoulder & Arm $30
  Underarms $15
  Half Arms $20
  Arms $30
combos and deals Hands & Fingers $15
  Fingers $7
  Half Back $25
  Back or Chest $40
combos and deals Chest & Back $75
combos and deals Chest, Back, Shoulders & Arms $100
  Abdomen $25
  Stomach Hair Line $15
  Bikini Line $20
combos and deals Bikini Line & Underarms $30
  Extended Bikini Line $30
  Brazillian $55
Maintenance (3 to 5 weeks)
combos and deals Brazilian & Underarms $60
  Glutes $35
  Anus Area $15
  Half Legs $30
  Legs $60
combos and deals Feet & Toes $15
  Toes $7

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