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Manicures & Pedicures

Are manicures and pedicures important ?

Without a doubt the answer is YES. How well you maintain your hands and feet is a sure sign to others of your general personal hygiene and the level of importance you place on it. Sporting unkempt hands or feet is the quickest way to convey to those around you that you are untidy, careless or consider your outward appearance a non-priority. If you want to one across as "together" make sure your extremities are well looked after.

A great manicure and pedicure will clean and shape your nails with a healthy method. We will exfoliate for removal of dead skin cells, massage to improve circulation and stimulate blood flow.

It helps reduce the visible signs of aging and plumps skin for immediate visible results. Our manicures and pedicures always includes a relaxing massage revitalizing your skin and relaxing your hand and foot muscles and joints. Manicure and pedicure are great options for people who care about beauty and health. Come and relax with us.


PEDICURE (Facial for the feet)

Our mini-pedi will provide you with a spoiling foot and calf massage, cuticle and callus treatment, followed by an application of the perfect polish.

Our pedicure is truly the “ultimate” in treating your feet right. Relax while we soak, bathe and polish your feet. Cuticles will be expertly trimmed and calluses will be exfoliated. Receive a complete lower leg and foot exfoliation followed with a massage and paraffin wax treatment, finished with a perfectly applied polish of your choice. You will leave felling relaxed and your feet will leave feeling refreshed – not to mention look incredible!

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MANICURE (Facial for the hands)

Our mini-manicure includes an express hand massage, cuticles are then trimmed, and nails are precisely shaped, buffed and polished with your favourite colour.

Our manicure commences with a soothing and moisturizing hand and arm massage. Cuticles are proficiently trimmed, nails are shaped, buffed and polished to a glowing shine. The manicure also features a paraffin wax treatment to hydrate your hand and nails. The manicure is indulgence at its finest!

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The Quickie Combo (Mini-Mani / Mini-Pedi)
We start off gently cleaning and trimming your cuticles and shaping nails. We them give a quick massage to rejuvenate the hands/feet, finishing off with a perfecI polish. The pedicure includes a basic removal of dry skin with pumice stone. A quick and easy clean up, perfect for the busy body!

The Unwind Combo (Manicure / Pedicure)
This is a soothing, nourishing and hydrating treatment for your hands and feet. This includes a gentle cuticle treatment, an exfoliating and an intense hydrating masque. We finish off with a deep massage to arms/legs for instant relaxation topped with your favourite colour polished to perfection. .

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Nail Polish Application
A lovely and simple Polish Application

Soak-Off Polish Application
(last up to two weeks)

Soak-Off Removal

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Paraffin Dip
Paraffin wax relaxes, hydrates, soothes and is also great for arthitise pain. A 15 minutes treatment that leaves your extremities feeling great !

Hot Oil Dip
A hot oil manicure is great for cracked or dry hands because a hot oil manicure helps to improve overall nail health. Everyday wear on your hands can cause them to become dry and your nails to become brittle, so improve your nail health and skin with a hot oil manicure. A hot oil manicure is also one of the best for men.

French Polish
French manicures are characterized by a natural pink base nail with white tips. It resembles a natural nail.

Sparkles from all angles with our great selection of rhinestones !

Wide selection of high quality decals for all tastes and likings !

Polish Seal Application
For a longer lasting polish.

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Manicure & Pedicure

  Mini-Pedi $35
  Pedicure $50
  Mini-Mani $25
  Manicure $40
combos and deals Quickie Combo
Mini-Mani & Mini-Pedi
combos and deals Unwind Combo
Manicure & Pedicure
  Parafin Dip $8
  Hot Oil Treatment $8
  Polish Application $15
  French Polish $8
  Soak -off Polish Application
* with Manicure or Mini-mani
  Soak -off Polish Application
* on it's own
  Soak -off Polish Removal
* with Manicure or Mini-mani
  Soak -off Polish Removal
* on it's own
  Rhinestone $0.50/1st,
$0.25/all others
  Decals $0.75/1st,
$0.50/all others

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