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A Variety of Effective Facials

Unbroken promises & dazzling skin results for facials from France Laure

Sumptuous silky textures and pleasant fragrance, the Cosmétiques France Laure creations are synonymous with:



The Super-Moisturizing Algae Facial
Fucus vesiculosus algae is without a doubt the most popular of the brown algae. It’s a true vital element cocktail rich in oligo-elements such as : copper, chrome, zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium,iodine and even gold. Fucus is also rich in numerous vitamins such as folic acid, vitamin C and in the vitamin B group (B1, B2, B6, B12). The combination of the Algae mask with the plastifying lotion hydrates both on the surface and deep tissues. This facial re-mineralizes, revitalizes, stimulates, possesses anti-bacterial action and contributes to the restoration of natural elastin in the skin.

The Nutri-Laure Cream Facial
Wheat germ and almond extract, avocado oil, soybean, scalene (derivative of olive oil), shea butter and tocopheryl acetate are the actives ingredients of the Nutri-Laure facial. This treatment is conceived to miraculously revitalize, hydrate, soften and stimulate cellular regeneration.




  * The category of the facial depends on the depth of exfoliation.

The Thermessence Facial
This facial calms, softens, decongests and stimulates micro-circulation. It is a specialized treatment and is composed of three steps favouring the penetration and preservation of its actives on the skin thanks to its thermal action. Thermessence will give skin maximum comfort and well-being.

The Proto-Cell Collection
The Proto-Cell facial collection combined with powerful formulations within a serum, deliver professional treatments to consistently and effectively diffuse their active ingredients.

The Proto-Cell Dermo-Smoothing Action Ocular Freshness is included with all our Proto-Cell Facials
The Dermo-Smoothing Action Ocular Freshness is packed with a hot/cold action serum to stimulate blood circulation and procure a «Morning Awakening» effect, decongests, reduces puffiness, bags and dark circles. Furthermore, this mask smoothens flaccidity and softens this fragile eye contour area. It’s active ingredient are Actiflow, Witch Hazel Extract and Frescolate.

The ProtoCell Anti-Free Radical Brightening Professional Facial
With Delentigo and Lemon Extract as active ingredient this facial unifies, lightens, protects against free radical attacks and environmental aggressions, stimulates cellular renewal and energizes skin. For a more radiant glowingly smoother and youthful complexion.

The Proto-Cell Sublime Restructuring with Stem Cells Facial
Prevent aging signs and restores firmness to the skin for a healthy and youthful appearance. This anti-aging treatment with immediate visible results might just be the closest thing to the fountain of youth. Phytocell, Bilberry and Lactic Acid helps to protect and reinforce longevity of skin’s stem cells, fights chronological aging, regenerates and renews epidermal cells. Skin is re-pulped, rested and youthfully radiant.

The Proto-Cell SeboRebalance Professionnal Facial
With Green Tea Extract, Nasturtium Extract and Purisoft this facial purifies, detoxifies, revitalizes and restores brightness to combination to oily skin. Skin is mattifyed, radiant, free of all bacteria causing acneic outbursts.

The Proto-Cell HydraSolution Facial
Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Collagen are a combination of active ingredient that make so this facial hydrates, nourishes, heals, appeases, the perfect solution to radiant and supple skin.

The Bio-Laure Facial
This facial nourishes, hydrates, normalizes keratinization, attenuates skin roughness, brightens, maintains lilidic film, regularizes, triggers anti-radical action. Smoothens, oxygenates, softens, heals. Bio-Laure is the ideal treatment for smokers, menopausal women and those that have been fighting long-term illness. It contains an association of salt and sodium, magnesium, calcium and more. Especially conceived to answer to nutritional needs of tired, sallow, dull skin. The synergy of physiological oligo-mineral biocatalysers cover energetic needs of cutaneous cells and assure optimal hydration levels of the skin.

The Matricol Collection
Collagen is the most important structure in human tissue. It is found everywhere firmness plays a role in the organism : skin, bones, tendons and blood vessels. The collagen gives the skin its firmness and elasticity.

The Collagen Biomatrix Facial
The Biomatrix of pure collagen is the only product in skin care that contains native collagen at 97.9% obtained thanks to patented processing. During application, the Collagen Biomatrix transforms itself into a second skin with perfect compatibility. This facial gives an immediate hydrating and tensing effect, attenuates wrinkles and expression lines, fades redness, restores brightness, improves cutaneous grain, restores a fresh feeling and renders skin its renewed smoothness.

The Voile Lifting Facial
Formulated with botanical peptides, Voile Lifting diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles and slows the appearance of new wrinkles formation for up to 24 hours by reducing cell contraction. Skin becomes smooth, tones and supple. MyoxinolTM (hydrolyzed Hibiscus Esculentus extract and dextrin); relaxes the facial features and smoothens expression lines. The active agent from hibicus esculentus decelerates the process of biological skin aging by its cell-protecting effect. The patented active agent complex is based on oligo peptides extracted from the seed of hibiscus esculentus. These plant peptides combat wrinkles in a similar way as botulinumtoxin by blocking mechanical factors which are responsible for the formation of expression lines. Furthermore, due to its biological effect, MyoxinolTM delays skin aging. The application of the Voile Lifting Sheet is a must before any big soirée.

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The Collagen Pads
The Collagen Biomatrix is equally available as eye and lip treatment that can be use on it’s own or can be combined with any facials excluding the Proto-Cell collection.

The Proto-Cell Pads
The Dermo-Smoothing Ocular Freshness can de used on it's own or can be combined with any facial.

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Facial - Price Per types

  Casual Facials $70
  Intermediate Facials
* When performed with an In-Depth exfoliation
$90 or
  In-depth Facials $110
combos and deals Collagen Elixir Eye Pad
(As an add-on)
  Collagen Elixir Eye Pad
(On it's own)
combos and deals ProtoCell Elixir Eye Pad
(As an add-on)
  Protocell Elixir Eye Pad
(On it's own)

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