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Sensibelle Collection

Sensitive Skin

The Sensibelle Collection, which is unscented, is ideal for sensitive, hypersensitive skin or with erythrosis tendencies. It desensitizes, protects, soothes, restructures delicate skin, and appeases redness.

Sensibelle Cleansing Milk

For sensitive skin

This most popular milk appeases sensitive skin which has tendencies to strongly react to aggressions. It softens and hydrates. Its effects calm and desensitize skin.

Sensibelle Floral Toner

For sensitive skin

The ideal toner to suoften sensitive, dehydrated and skin showing signs of coperose. Why is it essential? To rehydrate the corneal layer thus soften and nourish sensitive skin, while appeasing and preventing redness.

Sensibelle Day Fluid

For combination to oily sensitive skin

The winning formula for its astringent properties, anti-inflammatory and venous-tonifying. This Sensibelle fluid decongests and desentizises skin, calms cutaneous irritations.

Sensibelle Intense Repair Aqueous Serum

For hypersensitive skin

For temporary senstivity, the Sensibelle Intense Repair Aqueous Serum is specifically conceived for skin that has become sensitive due to an allergy to cosmetics or medication, or in the presence of redness, irritation and burning sensation. It accelerates healing, calms, softens and attenuates redness.

Sensibelle Day Cream

For normal to dry sensitive skin

First France Laure cream? Try it! It softens, reduces inflammation, appeases and forms a protective film against exterior aggressions, calms irritants.

Sensibelle Night Cream

For sensitive skin

Reduce hypersensitivity and red blotches with this calming cream. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce red blotching drastically.

Sensibelle Preventive Oily Serum

For sensitive skin

For permanent sensitivity, this serum is ideal for dry skin having a damaged cutaneous barrier. It calms irritations caused by UV rays, pollution, stress or unbalanced hormones. It appeases sensitive and reactive skin that reddens rapidly on contact with cold or heat, that is rough to the touch, very fragile, and that easily shows signs of severe dryness and sensitivity to touch.

Sensibelle Gentle Mask

For sensitive skin

Provides a vaso-constricting and calming effect. Instantaneously appeases chronic excessive redness due to heredity, skin type or menopause. Normalizes cutaneous circulation, decongests and tones.

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