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Rebalance Collection

Combination Skin

The textures of the Rebalance Collection are fluid and penetrate easily into the skin without leaving any greasy or oily films. These products contain ingredients that will treat all areas, without negleting others. Antibacterial, sebo-regulating, softening, lightening, regenerating, this Collection is the perfect solution for combination skin that doesn’t know where else to turn.

Rebalance Cleansing Milk

For combination skin

This is the ideal cleanser for combination skin. Gently dissolves makeup and impurities, refreshes, smoothes without aggressing the skin that is still in need of hydratation.

Rebalance Floral Toner

For combination skin

It’s ingenuous blend restores skin’s sparkling complexion. This Toner regularizes, purifies, stimulates microcirculation, is antiseptic and normalizes the production of oily secretions.

Rebalance Day Cream

For combination skin

This fluid textured cream is sebo-regulating and hydrating at the same time. In addition, it neutralizes bacteria and leaves an invisible and light protective film.

Rebalance Night Cream

For combination skin

Created to treat and normalize combination skin. To start with, it prevents bacterial proliferation; it controls and improves sebaceous gland activity, purifies and tones skin, on the other hand, it hydrates, nourishes, revitalizes and softens to maintain tissular youth. Its light and velvety texture gives a pleasant fresh sensation while leaving skin soft to the touch.

Rebalance Aqueous Serum

For combination skin

This formulation with purifying, appeasing and toning properties limits bacterial proliferation, normalizes sebaceous secretions, promotes blackhead drainage and re-establishes hydric and ionic balances.

Rebalance Cream Mask

For combination skin

Loved for its fragrance, this creamy mask brightens and softens. Its purifying properties regenerate the skin by giving it a healthy and fresh boost.

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