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Nutri-Laure Collection

Dry Skin

Nutri-Laure products give comfort back to oil-depleted skin. The pulling feeling disappears and gives way to supple, velvety skin. Your skin will retrieve its glow and softness.

Nutri-Laure Cleansing Milk

For dry skin

The Nutri-Laure Cleansing Milk with its unctuous texture is ideal for very dry, fragile and irritated skin. Gently eliminates cutaneous impurities and all traces of makeup and always maintains hydrolipic balance.

Nutri-Laure Floral Toner

For dry skin

Miracle lotion for dull skin without glow and lacking vitality. It nourishes, regenerates and softens the skin while improving circulation. Your skin will be revived, glowing and soft.

Nutri-Laure Day Cream

For dry skin

Winter sports and the sun can render skin extremely dry. This cream regularizes hydration level, softens and appeases skin. Its active ingredient, carrot extract appeases sensitive and very dry skin against environmental aggressions. Its other ingredients contribute significantly to regularize hydration levels and to stimulate cellular renewal.

Nutri-Laure Night Cream

For dry skin

The Nutri-laure Night Cream contains vitamin E which heals, nourishes and revitalizes. Smoothes wrinkles and expression lines. Recommended for all toneless, lifeless skin and grey complexions. Ideal to appease razor burn.

Nutri-Laure Oily Serum

For dry skin

Remineralizes, hydro-regenerative, calming, appeasing, nourishing, maintains hydration of superficial skin layers, increases elasticity and stimulates cellular regeneration.

Nutri-Laure Cream Mask

For dry skin

Mask or regenerative night cream? And if it was both? Conceived to miraculously revitalize, hydrate, soften and stimulate cellular regeneration. OR apply a thin layer of this ‘’creamy mask’’ at bedtime and allow it to work all night long. *Gentle enough to be applied around the eye area.

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