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HydraDermal Collection

Dehydrated Skin

Hydradermal immerses your skin with a vital source of water necessary for any skin suffering from dehydration. As a crystalline source, its formula helps maintain suppleness, tonus and prevent the signs of aging.

Hydradermal Cleansing Milk

For dehydrated skin

The perfect milk to calm, maintain hydrolipidic balance and suppleness, leaves skin radiant and free of cutaneous impurities and all traces of makeup.

Hydradermal Floral Toner

For dehydrated skin

The Hydradermal Floral Toner generates the effect of a fresh mist after a hot day. The skin is instantly refreshed and softened. Apply it at any time of day to rediscover a fresh, sparkly complexion.

Hydradermal Day Cream

For dehydrated skin

This whipped emulsion transforms into water pearls absorbed by the epidermis. Hydradermal Day Cream ensures and maintains hydric balance in addition to repulping, rehydrating, softening and refreshing. It leaves a sensation of humidity on your skin which lasts all day.

Hydradermal Night Cream

For dehydrated skin

If you skin is lacking vitality, allow this Hydradermal Cream to restore regeneration, hydrate, tone and nourrish. Try it after a day in the sun.

Hydradermal Aqueous Serum

For dehydrated skin

Prevents and protects the skin against damages due to dehydration and also quenches thirsty skin. Due to its water retention capacity, it efficiently reinforces the cutaneous barrier against free radicals, firms, revitalizes and contributes to cellular renewal which will in turn reduce the visible signs of aging. Smoothing, appeasing and anti-inflammatory properties have been added to give and maintain skin’s freshness and integrity.

Hydradermal Cooling Gel Mask

For dehydrated skin

The Hydradermal Cooling Gel Mask binds water in the epidermis, allowing the preservation of its softness and suppleness while restoring its vitality. Furthermore, this mask stimulates and reinforces cellular renewal, decongests and calms. Repeat as often as necessary on any skin desperately lacking hydration.

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