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Clariphase Collection

Oily Skin

The ClariPhase collection are anti-blackhead, oil free and designed to counter the problems of oily skin with an acne tendency, both for adolescents and adults.

Clariphase Flawless Pore Cleansing Gel

For oily skin

This gel is unrivaled and leaves skin purified, fresh with a perfect sensation of cleaniness. This gel reduces the over production of oily secretions, dissolves oil cysts, heals and brightens without dehydrating.

Clariphase Floral Toner

For oily skin

Its purifying and cleansing action represents an unequalled weapon in the war on blackheads. This powerful toner tightens and cleans pores, rebalances pH, deeply eliminates sebum, prevents bacterial proliferation, is antiseptic, cleansing and astringent.

ClariPhase Day & Night Cream-Gel

For oily skin

This treatment which can be used both morning and night, prevents the formation and the propagation of pimples and blackheads. This Cream-Gel has a light and non-greasy texture. It leaves skin soft, fresh and stops the sensation of pulling and dryness.

ClariPhase Aqueous Serum

For oily skin

This formulation eliminates acneic complications, stimulates natural antibacterial functions, sanitizes, heals, decongests, softens, appeases irritation, is antibacterial, brightens and hydrates.

ClariPhase Pore Refiner Mask

For oily skin

Its name says it all… a «must» in the war against visible pores… Let this mask absorb excess oil and discover replenished skin. It brightens complexion, purifies skin and tightens pores.

ClariPhase Topical Perfection Spot Treatment

For oily skin

Skin tone, this camouflaging paste is a perfect accelerating healing process for imperfections. Dehydrates papulle, reduces inflammation and propagation of acne manifestations. Pssst!..... Try it on insect bites or immediately on first symptoms of a cold sore.

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