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Team work with our affiliates

With the strenght drawn from these alliances we can offer superior services.

France Laure logo an affiliate of Beauty Ethics


Our promise: optimal results for your skin.

With 40 years of solid experience, Cosmétiques France Laure offers skin care products containing the highest concentrations in the industry and unbeatable professional standards.

Benefit from our ongoing research into pharma-cosmetology® with active ingredient concentrations providing the highest efficiency rates in the industry.

Since being founded, Cosmétiques France Laure has drawn upon the riches of botany, the ocean floor and minerals to create products in perfect symbiosis with the skin, using maximum recommended concentrations.

EuroFeedBack logo an affiliate of Beauty Ethics Hair Removal and Esthetics


Since 1989, Eurofeedback has been designing and manufacturing specific electronic equipment intended originally for the space and military sectors; our activities were expanded some ten years later into the industrial, medical and aesthetic fields.

More than twenty patents have been filed and validated in a variety of areas, such as decontamination, polymerisation and phototherapy.

Eurofeedback has, over recent years, become one of the leading European manufacturers of flash and, more particularly, IPL equipment.

After designing and manufacturing four different models of flash lamps retailed around the world, Eurofeedback showed even greater innovation in launching the ARIANE® and ANTHELIA® technology, which combines effective treatments with the ultimate in safety.

Dectro logo an affiliate of Beauty Ethics | Hair Removal and Esthetics


Since 1978 Dectro International designs and manufactures specialized devices intended for the global market of permanent hair removal and aesthetic care. Its thorough understanding of modern techniques and its command of leading-edge technologies have enabled Dectro International to break new ground in the application of electrolysis and aesthetic care treatments.

Dectro International is now recognized as a leader in its field and distributes all of its products in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Dectro logo an affiliate of Beauty Ethics | Hair Removal and Esthetics


For nearly 45 years, we have made research and development a priority. Time and again, our engineers have set industry standards with the finest in esthetic, electrolysis and spa equipment.

From our superbly designed and streamlined esthetic furniture to our specialized state-of-the-art equipment, we have always remained a step ahead of the competition - delivering the quality, reliability and cutting-edge technology you have come to expect.

Dectro logo an affiliate of Beauty Ethics | Hair Removal and Esthetics


With more than 30 years experience in the aesthetic field, our quality, innovation, design and high technology standards are the results of a dynamic production team working very closely with our research and development department.

Lake Country Chamber of commerce logo


The Lake Country Chamber of Commerce's mission is to encourage and support a healthy business community in Lake Country.

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